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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ed: tisha, steve, all i have seen and heard is all of we are being told about the investigation. everyone is tightlipped because it is still going on. he had been living in the tribal for more than 14 years -- the triangle for more than 14 years when he faced the judge. he is accused of felony conspiracy in addition to promoting prostitution. there is a concern that he might try to leave the country if his bail order were lowered. >> [indiscernible] working for the federal government. ed: niehs is a federal agency. officials would not confirm if he works there or, if he does, what his job was. the judge ordered him to
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his bond in half. nine hours later he was back at his home. he's said it was a misunderstanding and he was trying to help a friend. that friend is his codefendant. raleigh detectives were cruising a website known for hookups with prostitutes. they say a prostitute at a raleigh hotel provided them with information, including phone numbers. his neighbors in cary could not believe the charges. >> to have those charges against one of my neighbors is is concerning to say the least. i have never heard anything like that, and friendly, it disturbs me deeply. -- frankly, it disturbs me deeply. >> [indiscernible] ed: even though his attorney says he has lived in the half-million dollar home for two years with his wife and
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we spoke with had formally met him. tisha: that was ed crump. this is not the first time that he co-defendant faced these types of charges. steve: gunfire erupting at a raleigh shopping center. t do people shot, -- two people shot, and manhunt for the gunman. jon camp is on the scene. jon? jon: this parking lot was taped off for most of the day. this is where they found the bodies, this is where they found the evidence. the evidence is collected the investigation underway. >> we heard shots. jon: how many? >> about three or four i heard. jon: he said the shots were coming from where he had just been.
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jon: were you worried? >> yeah, that was five or 10 minutes. jon: police say the shooting happened near the pnc bank. the gun was found nearby. police will not say why the shooting happened. but it happened at this boost mobile store. >> is pretty wild. -- it is pretty wild. >> they dropped their guns and they were positioned like, tactically positioned. >> they were waiting. it was a standoff waiting for the guys to come out. >> one guy comes out with his hands up. jon: scared or -- >> actually we thought he was kind of hiding behind a post or something. there were a lot of guns. jon: we are still waiting on a word often arrest.
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random shooting. the public is not in danger. live in raleigh, jon camp, abc 11 eyewitness news. tisha: thank you. north carolina's house speaker is apparently gauging support for a special session on the controversial vote in charlotte. the charlotte city council passed a nondiscrimination ordinance. governor pat mccrory and other republicans aren't happy with the aspect that allows transgender individuals to use a bathroom consistent with their gender identity rather than gender assignment. if a special session is called, it will be the second one this year. last week, the general assembly called a special session to redraw congressional districts. steve: we are a couple weeks away from the photo 2016.
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the leading republican candidate picking up a big endorsement, new jersey governor chris christie and announcing his support at a news conference in the dallas area. texas is one of 11 states with the super tuesday primary next week. reporter: 18-year-old heather votes for the first time in two weeks and the high school senior is undecided. >> i have to figure out who has more policies i agree with? reporter: her mom picked up "trump for president" signs today. workers and volunteers inside set up those signs that were picked up by a nearly steady stream of volunteers and supporters. an army of volunteers manned telephone lines and organized
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workers say the strategy is simple. tn on the military community, active duty troops, and veterans. >> what can we do for the veterans? what can we do for our county? reporter: jeff douglas likes what some pass to. >> we need better care than we are getting at this point. i stand behind him and what he is trying to do for the government. reporter: they will cut the ribbon tomorrow to officially open this office in fayetteville. donald trump though will not be here for the ceremony. there is no word on whether he plans to make a campaign stop in fayetteville. in fayetteville, greg barnes, abc 11 eyewitness news. tisha: a serious accident on i-40 caused problems for hours on the interstate. the accident happened around
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two vehicles lost control. a van flipped over the central guard rail on the eastbound shoulder. the truck driver was partially ejected and landed under the truck. two passengers inside the truck were treated and released from wake med. several lanes were closed in both directions while emergency crews worked the wreck. and an update on a breaking news story yesterday at this time. the driver killed in this crash has been identified as winta mitchell hill. she stopped at the stop sign, but failed to yield before pulling in front of a dodge. two teenagers in the dodge suffered nonlife threatening injuries. steve: tonight, a wayne county
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meals to airmen on base. roberta mcclure was arrested after allegedly delivering food and drugs to an airman and is being held on have a million dollars bond. this raleigh man is being charged with rape. the 21-year-old attacked a woman, charged with second-degreerape and first-degree burglary. county woman. puppy stolen from a car.
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steve: a veterinarian's assistant has been very busy passing out flyers in wake county. a car in raleigh. the beagle mix was stolen. on wednesday the puppy fell on her was having lunch with coworkers as midfield. they went inside thinking they locked the car door. when they went outside, the door was open and the puppy was missing. she is pleading with whoever stole the puppy to return her to the animal hospital. >> i am so upset. i don't understand. she was not a stray.
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she was in danger, call the police or something like that. do not take it upon yourself to take somebody's property. tisha: the dog has a microchip and has been reported stolen. the owner is pleading for the dog to be returned to the carolina ranch animal hospital. steve: when durham county sheriff deputy dakota burke found marty, she was suffering. the former owner is charged with 28 counts of animal cruelty. he is looking good.
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>> do you want to be in the audience for "dancing with the stars"? abc 11 wants to send you. tisha: the way you experience the outer banks could be changing. cap hatteras -- cape hatteras national seashore will have driving rules that will allow more access. among the changes, opening beaches that are closed at night. and providing smaller buffer zones around turtles and seabirds.
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on the n.c. state campus. neighbors in granville county are working nonstop to help tornado victims. steve: several families have been impacted by the tornado. a local faith-based restoration company, church, family, and friends, all spend the day removing valuables. they say it is their faith that compels them to help out people whose homes have been destroyed. the department of agriculture is also there and the forest service is helping to remove all of that debris. at they found the tornado on the ground in granville and vance county was on the ground for about five miles, six minutes. a terrifying time that chris was tracking for us. tisha: there was damage, but nice to see all of those people coming together to help out. steve: chris, you were talking
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you know firsthand how deeply impacted they were by that storm. chris: yeah, on the ground for just a few minutes and look at the damage it did. it just shows you how quickly they can spin out and they leave a long time for recovery. hopefully the recovery will continue to go quickly, too. we have a cold night ahead. the winds will diminish pretty quickly this evening. they are starting to do that now. a windy day, but not as windy as yesterday. low 30's headed into the mid and upper 20's by tomorrow morning. a pretty shot of the setting sun. a few scattered clouds. it is cool. the first alert weather station, a little bit warmer now. a north wind at seven. gusts were up at 15 to 25. not the 40, 45 we had yesterday.
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-- roanoke rapids. 49 clinton, 45 goldsboro. if you are going to be out this evening, dress for winter. it feels like it out there. very quiet though. tranquil weather across the eastern u.s. and it is going to stay quiet for the weekend. sky will be mostly clear. temperatures bottom out in the mid and upper 20's. a cold start to your saturday. nice recovery the. by noon time we are up to 47 with mostly sunny skies. in the afternoon hours, temperatures rise a little bit into the low 50's. cooler than the average of 58. not as breezy as the last few days. that will make you feel a whole lot better. still he northwesterly flow of air tomorrow. temperatures will run a little below that average.
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that's really going to crank the temperatures up into the 60's. 51 in raleigh. 50 interim. 50 in chapel hill. holly springs, 52. -- 50 in durham. only in the 40's and anderson, roxboro. 52 degrees around carrboro. what a great looking weekend we have coming up. 33 tomorrow night. exceed three sunday. temperatures up 10, 12 degrees. -- 63 sunday. it stays mild. showered chances return for wednesday. does not look like a threat of severe weather. we will watch that. chilly again thursday into friday. this time of year when a cold front comes through, we worry about severe weather, but remember wednesday, the
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kind of shape, those kinds of conditions, we had not seen that in five years. of course, you watch everyone when they come through. tisha: thank you. steve: taking action against duke? mark: action is one word for it, right? moderately hot water with the acc and the inspiring story of a
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>> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. mark: grayson allen has been officially reprimanded by the acc after his second intentional trip of nevada this month. he led the devils to a win at against florida state last night, but he was caught on camera plainly sticking his leg out and tripping a player. alan trip day louisville player earlier this month. he was unapologetic last night. >> imac when to take anything
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-- i am not going to take anything from anyone. if someone doesn't the to me during the game, i will give it right back. i will play physical right back. mark: the devils play pittsburgh this weekend. the video has gone viral. matt caleb shooting lights out for christian academy -- but making the shot is not the story. it's every that led up to that performance. news christian academy season and macula pro career -- matt caleb's career ended with the buzzer beater. kind of what you would call heartbreaking. but matt knows heartbreaking. at just 18, he had dealt was more than his share of pain. he lost his little brother andrew eight years ago to a sudden heart a limb and then
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-- tragedy knocked again. >> i went home to find my dad dead. it was probably the most painful experience i have ever dealt with in life. >> i wanted to go immediately and he said, wait and i will let you know and it got a little later, and i said, i'm headed over. we had a lot of tears. mark: he had lived through his son, but format the memories are countless. >> every day he would come home and shoot hoops until it got dark. mark: it was time to hit the road again with the archrival cape fear. >> you want to play? he said, what kind of question is that? i'm playing. mark: oh, he played all right.
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decided he needed to do more than that. >> he was like, [indiscernible] i would just pass it to him. mark: he ended up dropping six second-half three-pointers. >> every time i got it -- mark: the team still lost the game. cape fear show their support in the handshake line. >> everybody was in tears. it was special. it was bigger than the game. real life is settling in for matt. it is now more than ever he will need his teammates. trey gowdy knows the pain, having lost his mother at a young age. >> he was strong. >> everything happens for a reason, do you know what i mean?
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i want to make my dad proud and my brother proud. steve: i'm sure he is already doing that -- mark: i'm sure use already doing that. impossible to know how he is doing with that as an 18-year-old. steve: matt is just an amazing guy and lifted up by his brothers on the team. tisha: thank you, mark. our report continues on, facebook, and
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elaina: tonight, right here, the bombshell endorsement. the presidential race turning personal. the new attacks leveled tonight. rubio going after trump. and chris christie tonight, now saying it's time for president trump. breaking news, the motive in the deadly rampage. the video now discovered, and the notice the gunman got 90 minutes before the shootings. the new head line about the zika outbreak, and pregnant women in the u.s. the miscarriages as well. and the sudden explosion. the little girl grabbing her bag when a hoverboard ignites. the home catching fire. and the countdown is on.


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